Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

Cute Reindeer Layered Template

Hi fellow scrappers,
it has been looooooooong time since the last post in this blog. I really apologize for not update anything. Since December last year, I got a real life job as a math teacher for elementary school. I though it's not consuming so much time, but then when I start to jump to the pool, I found that I am totally wrong. I love this job, and doesn't mean I didn't love to share with you anymore, but I should wait until I can manage my time better. It would be easy if we have extra time everyday haha.
But here I am now, with a small freebie for your commercial/personal project, cute reindeer. I hope you don't mind I simply leave the layers name into layer 1, layer 2, bla bla bla.  You can easily use your favorite style or anything because it saved in layered PSD format. So here you go.
Eeek, I forget to say that it's hosted at 4shared so you will need to login first. Hope it's OK, still don't know better free file sharing.

If you download and think it useful for you, please leave a feedback.Please support me to keep everything here as a freebie ;)
Have a great day,

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